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Variation makes it possible to create an individual report for each element of a group, which you defined in the general data selection. When you call up the report, the variation makes the selection for the entire group. You can then navigate interactively during the report output within the hierarchical structure of the group to display a report for every element in the group.

You can decide whether individual characteristics in the general selection are to be displayed only with a totals report, only individual reports for the characteristic values, or both total reports and individual reports.

Variation is only possible in reports for which at least one general selection characteristic is a group or a variable for a group.

The advantage of variations is that you only need to carry out the selection once.

For example, you can create an individual report for each group node and end node in a cost center hierarchy

The cost center hierarchy is used here as an example for variation. However, you can carry out variation for any group for which you select a report.

Variation is useful especially for executing reports for an entire cost center group in a background run, so that you can move quickly between the various cost center reports.

In addition, you can use variation at period-end closing to create and print a complete report for the cost center group or the organization itself, without having to create reports one-by-one for each cost center.


Variation is possible only if you activate it in the report definition. The procedure is described in Structure link General Selections. For activation in the Report Writer report, see the SAP Library under AC - Financials ® FI - Financial Accounting ® FI Special Purpose Ledger ® Report Writer.

If you enter an object group in the selection screen (such as cost center group), and you have activated a variation in the report definition, the SAP System automatically executes variation. If you do not want to use variation, change the setting under Variation.


If you decided to generate extracts before calling up the variation, the system generates an extract for each report in the variation (see Executing Report Painter Reports).


We recommend you execute variation for the entire organization or for large areas only in an off-peak period in a background job.




To set up a variation using general selections for a report, choose Edit ® General selections ® Variation.

If you decide on several characteristics, determine the sequence they should appear on selection screen using the characteristic name indicator.

In the dialog box Variation/Eliminate Internal Business Volume, the system displays the general selection characteristics that have an interval, group, or variable as characteristic value. You can define a variation for each of these characteristics.

The default setting is Do not break down. No variation is carried out for the characteristic. The system displays a report in which the intervals and groups of the characteristic are totaled.

If you choose Individual value for a characteristic, the system performs a variation for the characteristic down to individual values. The system displays a report for all the individual values of the interval or of the group.

If you choose Expand, the system displays a report for all nodes and individual values in the interval or group.

If you wish to select a particular variation area for report generation, or decide on the release of reports for individual values, choose the selection screen for report call-up.

In the report you can then display individual reports for the groups or individual values in the variation area. (See Variation).



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