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You can use the internet applications for internal activity allocations to record activities that are created and consumed internally.

Examples of such internal activities are:

The activity quantities are measured, recorded and allocated during the internal activity allocation. Activity entry and activity allocation occur, for example, when you record the activity.

The internet applications for internal activity allocation enable you to record worldwide the internally produced activities with a minimum of effort. They make a significant contribution to speeding up the entry and allocation of these activities. As soon as you have recorded the activity, you can get a statement of the costs incurred on the debited cost center.

The processing of activities confirmed back to the internet occurs just as for the processing of activities that are entered directly into the SAP System.

As an enhancement to this component, the internet application component Internal Price Lists offers you the option of displaying the prices for the internal activity allocation ( Internal Price Lists in the Intranet (CO-OM-CCA)).

As an SAP user, the internet application component for internal activity allocation provides you with the following advantages compared to activity entry and allocation without an internet connection:

For more information on internet application components (IAC), see Structure link IAC Programming.

Type of Internet Application Component




To be able to carry out an internal activity allocation in the internet, you require the following:

List of Authorization Objects

Authorization objects



CO: Business transactions, actual postings

Plan and actual allocations


Differences to the R/3 Transaction

The internet application component has the following limitations compared with the R/3 standard transaction KB21:

Adaptation Possibilities

SAP does not foresee any adaptation possibilities for these internet application components.

R/3 Development Objects

There are no development objects for which an adaptation can be carried out.

Service Name

The service name of this internet application component is ILV1. You can find all the corresponding files under this service name in the SAP@Web Studio.




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