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If you use the Internet application component KANBAN, the following process is available:

Display the Relevant Control Cycle Data

After logging on the vendor receives an overview of all control cycles for which he or she must deliver materials. This overview contains the following data per control cycle in the standard system:

The system either displays the customer systemís material number or the vendorís material number. To display the vendorís material number, this must be maintained in the purchasing info record or in the contract or scheduling agreement.

In the supply area, the material is prepared that has to be available directly on the line or at the work center. The supply area is therefore right in the production.

The SAP system defines a specific number of containers to circulate per control cycle. This number of containers is displayed here.

The SAP system defines the quantity for a container, per control cycle. This quantity is displayed here.

Here, the vendor can see the number of containers, which have been set to "EMPTY" and which he is therefore to deliver.

In this field the vendor can enter, per control cycle, the number of kanbans that he is to deliver.

Restricting the Control Cycle Display

After log on, all control cycles are displayed, for which the vendor is responsible. To limit the number of control cycles displayed, the following selection criteria are offered on the right hand side of the screen.

If a material number is entered, only the control cycles for the material entered are displayed.

If a plant is entered, only the control cycles for the plant entered are displayed.

If a supply area is entered, only the control cycles for the supply area entered are displayed.

If this indicator is set, only the control cycles with empty containers are displayed.

Create the Delivery Due List

The vendor compiles his delivery due list on the basis of this overview. First of all, he notes the number of containers that he is to deliver, per control cycle, and then he creates the delivery due list. The system creates the delivery due list from all control cycle rows, in which a delivery quantity was entered in the last field of the control cycle row.

The system displays the delivery due list in a separate area of the screen.

Supply area

The vendor can confirm this delivery due list to the customer. With confirmation, all kanbans from the delivery due list in the customer system are automatically provided with the status "IN PROCESS".

If the delivery due list is confirmed, the vendor receives another window, in which the kanbans posted (and if applicable those not posted) in the customer system are listed. In this way, the vendor knows immediately whether errors have occurred on posting in the customer system or whether the posting has been successful.





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