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Your customers can also see the status of their orders on the Internet. For example they can display their purchase orders, check whether shipping has been activated or whether the goods are already on their way.

Types of Internet Application Components

Consumer to Business


Advantages for your Customer:

Advantages for you:



To enter an order in the Internet, the customer has to log on with his or her SAP customer number (or email address) and an initial password that you issued, which the customer can then replace with their own.

You can use transaction SU05 to create, change and delete passwords for the customer. In order to create a unique identification for the customer, enter object category KNA1 next to the customer number.

All the authorizations for the Sales/Distribution object class must be maintained for the R/3 user used by the Internet application component to log on to the R/3 System via the Interaction Transaction Server (ITS9). You should establish whether you want to restrict the authorizations for order types if there any that you do not want the customer to see.

Standard Settings and Preallocated Data

You do not need to enter any additional data in order for the customer to check the status of the sales orders. The customer number with which the customer logs on also provides the date, while the customer can enter any other selection data such as the article, time period or order number directly.


Service Name

The service name of this Internet application component is VW01 and you can find all the relevant files under the service name in SAP@Web Studio.


The following Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) are used for this Internet application component:


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