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You use this function to list sales and distribution documents (such as sales orders or billing documents) within a certain time period. You can also specify additional criteria, such as:

You can decide whether you want to list all sales documents or just open ones. You can also restrict your list to all those sales documents you created yourself.

There are various reasons for setting up a list of sales documents, for example:


The following indexes must be activated in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Lists.

You can use an existing display variant or define your own to determine which columns should be displayed in the list. Before you can save your own display variant, you must first define a parameter in your user profile by choosing System ® User profile ® Own data and entering the following in the Parameters tab page:

For more information, see Structure link Display variants in the CA - ABAP List Viewer documentation.


The ABAP List Viewer functions are available for processing these lists. For more information on list processing, see Structure link CA-ABAP List Viewer.

You can use lists to make mass changes, that is, changes to several sales documents at the same time, by entering a:

For example, if you want to reprice several sales documents, select the relevant sales documents and choose Edit ® Mass change ® New pricing.


If you want to make a change that affects the items (for example, a new plant or a new material), you must choose a display variant which lists the items in the sales document. To change the display variants, choose Settings ® Display variants.


You can call up the lists as follows:

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