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If your resource prices are subject to only minor fluctuations, and you want to transfer values from previous years (or from another version) to your current planning, you can do this by copying either all or some individual resource prices.


You have created resource prices.


To copy resource prices, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Planning ® Planning aids ® Copy ® Resource prices.
  2. Define a template by maintaining the following fields:
    1. Version
    2. Fiscal year
    3. Resource from
    4. Resource to
  1. If you want to copy resource prices (belonging to one or more resources) that are valid in particular periods only, choose Selection list.

The system displays a list of the resources for the version and fiscal year selected.

From this list, you can select the resources (with the corresponding validity periods and prices) for copying.

  1. Maintain the processing option parameters:
    1. To copy large amounts of data, you should activate Background processing. This enables you to process data at times when system usage is at a minimum.
    2. Note

      Do not activate Background processing and Selection list at the same time.

    3. If you do not want data to be updated, select Test run.
    4. To check the results, activate Detail list.
  1. Define a target by entering data in the following fields:
    1. Version
    2. Fiscal year
  1. If you activated Selection list, you can select individual entries and copy them using the Copy prices key.


The system displays a results list of the records copied.

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