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You have performed single-level price determination for the costing run.

For more information, see Performing Single-Level Material Price Determination.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Actual Costing ® Edit Costing Run.
  2. Under Process and Multilevel price determination choose Parameters.
  3. Enter the required data and set the processing option.
  4. You can have the system perform the function in the background when dealing with large amounts of data.

  5. Choose Execute.


The system uses the results from single-level price determination to calculate new prices for materials that belong to the higher manufacturing levels (such as semifinished and finished products).

The system calculates periodic unit prices for the settled period and updates them (for information) in all valuation approaches in the material price analysis. The system also updates the price in company code currency in the material master record for the settled period.

Multilevel price determination is used for materials that are part of a production cycle and are in level 1 of the costing sequence. In addition, prices are determined for the materials produced in this period that are in level 2 or higher.

Check the results of the multilevel material price determination.

After multilevel material price determination, allow the closing entries.

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