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For planning with integrated Excel, Microsoft Excel is used as a planning screen for your planning data in the SAP System. This allows you to combine the comfort of Excel's formatting and data processing functions with the powerful planning functions of your SAP application. You are therefore able to use the Office input interface with online planning in the SAP System.

There are two ways of using Excel to plan your data:

Excel replaces the standard SAP planning screen. This enables you to plan using the functions of both the SAP System and Excel.

From one or more PCs that are not connected to the SAP System, you can enter your planning data into several Excel spreadsheets. This data can then be uploaded into the SAP System, where you can process it further using the SAP planning functions.



To be able to plan using integrated Excel, the following should be installed on your PC:


To ensure good response times, your PC should have a Pentium II processor and 64 MB RAM.


In Customizing, you can define Excel spreadsheets for use as templates in planning. In those templates, you can move data around, insert graphics, define macros, and format text and cells. You can use this template to plan with integrated Excel or to plan with the upload function.

Link between Excel and the SAP System

From the technical point of view, Excel is called up by the SAP System using OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), an interface in the Office programs. Integrated Excel into the SAP System allows you to use the same Excel functions that are available with the integration of Excel in Word, for example.

On a more detailed level, the link between the Excel spreadsheet and the SAP planning layout is created above the position of the data in the Excel spreadsheet:
The SAP System uses Customizing to determine which SAP data is in Excel and where it can be found. The position of the data cannot be changed in the planning screen to ensure that the data is imported correctly. The fields of the planning layout are mapped to the Excel spreadsheet using
File Description.


You cannot use integrated Excel to enter any planning data in the period screen.


Initial Steps

To be able to use Microsoft Excel as your planning screen, you need to activate the indicator integrated Excel in Customizing for your application when Structure link Setting Up The Planning Framework (only CO-PA), or when you assign your planning layouts to a planner profile.

In Customizing, you can also design an Excel spreadsheet to be used as a template for planning in Excel.

For more information about setting up integrated Excel, see Setting Up Integrated Excel.

Planning in Excel

To plan directly in the SAP System using integrated Excel, you can choose between executing a corresponding parameter set (only CO-PA) or using a planner profile in which Excel was activated as the planning screen for one or more layouts. You enter your planning data in Excel and can use Excel functions such as macros or diagrams as well as all the usual SAP planning functions. For more information on planning with integrated Excel, see How To Plan Using Integrated Excel.

The Excel template created in Customizing can be copied as often as required and used to create planning data in Excel. By using the uploading function for Excel, you can transfer the individual files into the SAP system. This means that planning data can be entered into different PCs, local planning thereby being possible. For more information on the required procedure, see Planning Offline and Uploading into the SAP System.








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