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You can use the DRB to display bank statement line items. This includes the display of archived bank statement line items.


To display archived bank statement line items the system requires an archive information structure for field catalog SAP_FI_ELBANK_2.


The bank statement line items are displayed as in transaction FF.6 Display Electronic Bank Statement. In doing so the Customizing for the report selection in transaction FF.6 is evaluated. (In Financial Accounting Customizing under Bank Accounting ® Business Transactions ® Payment Transactions ® Electronic Bank Statement ® Define Program and Variant Selection). You can always select two programs for transaction FF.6 here:

If no clear selection is made through this setting, the DRB will use report RFEBKAP0.


If report RFEBKAP0 is selected then only the corresponding bank statement line is displayed. Otherwise (with report RFEBKAJ0) the entire bank statement is displayed.

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