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When you create a sales order, you specify the sales organization of the ordering company code. The system can propose a delivering plant from the following master records:

The order of priority is as in the list above.

To maintain the delivering plant information in the sales order, select one of the following:

You can overwrite the proposed delivering plant or use a matchcode to list the alternative plants from which the material may be delivered.

The system then checks to see if the combination of sales organization and delivering plant is allowed. If it is, you can proceed with the intercompany transaction.

The system automatically carries out pricing using pricing master data from the sales organization.

The intercompany charge appears in the pricing screen of the sales order as a statistical value (the charge has no effect on the final value of the sales order for the customer). Since the intercompany charge is of internal interest only, this pricing element is not printed out on documents for the customer.

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