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Using wave picks, you can perform detailed planning for picking by creating work packages for picking. Wave picks consist of a group deliveries that are to be processed at roughly the same time. You can create wave picks either manually or automatically according to time criteria. Capacity restrictions can be taken into consideration when waves are formed according to time criteria. If the deliveries that are to be picked are already assigned to shipments, you can refer to these shipments when the wave picks are formed.


Wave picks are groups of deliveries that are identified by a number.

You can execute the following Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks with reference to the wave pick for all deliveries in that wave:

You can track the processing status of the wave picks with the wave pick monitor.

Wave picks do not influence the workload that is displayed in the Rough Workload Forecast.


Lean WM is the minimum implementation requirement in order to work with wave picks and most of the following functions. Of course, you can also work with wave picks if you have implemented the full WM system.

You create the wave picks using exact time parameters. For this reason, exact scheduling (down to the minute) is necessary. However, you can work with wave picks without using such precise specifications if you have implemented the Structure link route schedule and are using the goods issue time as the comparison time.

For tips on Customizing, refer to the IMG section on wave picks.

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Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks


To create wave picks according to time criteria, you must first divide up the workday into smaller units using time slots. You can group these time slots together using the timeslot group.
The system carries out the following steps as it creates wave picks according to delivery time: Before the individual deliveries are assigned to wave picks, the deliveries due are sorted by:

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Delivery priority (field in the customer master)

Afterwards, the system assigns each delivery whose comparison time is in a time slot of a timeslot group to a wave pick that belongs to that time slot. In the case of wave picks with capacity restriction, this is done until the capacity limit is reached.


As a comparison time, the system selects the goods issue time set in Customizing for the respective warehouse/distribution center.

If the following deliveries exist:

The selected timeslot group covers 2 time slots:

The system creates the following wave picks:





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