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Quality checks can be carried out for delivery items. You can set the quality check function in the material master using QM inspection data.

Furthermore, you can specify additional data for deliveries to a customer using a customer- or material-dependent control. This could include, for instance, whether or not agreement from the quality assurance department is required before delivery. To do this, create customer-specific information records in the QM Module. Proceed as follows:

In the screen Quality Planning in Sales and Distribution choose Control QM in SD ® Create.

You see the Create QM Control Data in SD screen where you can create information records.


If a delivery item is divided into several partial items using batch split, the partial items generate partial lots for materials requiring inspection. For every partial lot, an individual sample calculation is run, the results of the inspection are recorded and a decision is made on how they will be used.

For additional information on inspection lots in deliveries, see the QM documentation.



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