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Providing that you have maintained the master data for the corresponding materials, you can enter serial numbers for each item in the delivery. The system displays a dialog box where you can enter the necessary serial numbers.


You can only enter serial numbers for delivery items that are assigned to specific plants. If you specify in Customizing that serial numbers are mandatory in the delivery, you must enter serial numbers for the relevant items before you can post goods issue for the items.

Assigning Serial Numbers

In the dialog box that the system displays during delivery processing, you can either select from serial numbers for which you have already created master records or you can manually enter new numbers. In addition, the system can automatically generate new numbers for you.

To call up the dialog box, mark the delivery item for which you want to enter serial numbers and choose Item ® Serial numbers. After maintaining the serial numbers, you return to the delivery by pressing Back.

Selecting Serial Numbers

To select serial numbers that already exist in the system, proceed as follows:

  1. Press Select serial numbers in the dialog box.
  2. You see the Serial Number Selection screen.

  3. Enter the desired selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays a list of the selected serial numbers.

  5. Mark the serial numbers that you want to assign to the delivery item and choose Edit ® Choose.

The selected serial numbers are copied into the dialog box.

Creating Serial Numbers Automatically

To create serial numbers automatically, press Create serial numbers automatically in the dialog box. The system creates a serial number for each individual object in the delivery item and copies the serial numbers into the dialog box. When you save the delivery, the system automatically creates master records for each serial number.

Entering Serial Numbers Manually

You can manually enter new numbers in the Serial number field in the dialog box. After you save the delivery, the system automatically creates master records for each serial number.



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