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Whether or not serial numbers can be used during sales order processing is determined by a serial number profile. You can create a master record for each individual serial number.

Serial Number Profiles

The serial number profile defines under which conditions and in which transactions serial numbers can be entered. You define serial number profiles in Customizing.

Profile Data

Serial number profiles include the following control data:

In one serial number profile, you can define different business transactions with different parameters for serialization.

Maintaining Serial Numbers in the Material Master Record

You can specify a serial number profile by plant in the material master record in the Basic data field group in the Sales/Plant data screen.


You can only assign serial numbers to individual items of a particular material when the serial number profile is maintained in the material master record.

Serial Number Master Records

The master record for an individual item of a material contains, among other data, the following information:

Specifies, for example, which plant the item is stored in.

Specifies the customer who bought the item from you.

To create a serial number record as part of the Sales master data, proceed as follows:

  1. From SD master data, choose Products ® Serial numbers ® Create.
  2. You see the screen Create Mat.Ser.No. Initial Screen.

  3. Enter the material number, the serial number, and, if required, reference data. Then press ENTER.

You see the screen Create Mat.Ser.No.: SerialNo Details, where you can maintain the master data.



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