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In the shipping department of the supplying plant, you can create replenishment deliveries from stock transfer orders using the delivery due list and process them in the same way as normal deliveries.

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Create ® Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery ® Purchase Orders (or Purchase Order Items).
  2. Define and construct the worklist by using the selection options.

The system then lists the documents that meet your selection criteria. (see also: Collective processing of documents due for delivery)

From this list, you can then create the appropriate deliveries and process them as usual. Goods issue posting for the deliveries concludes processing in the supplying plant.

Purchase Order History

A purchase order (PO) history record is automatically created in Purchasing for the replenishment deliveries and the goods issue posting. This record can be displayed for each item in the stock transfer order from which the delivery was created. Select the required item in the stock transfer order of the item overview, and then choose Item ® Statistics ® PO history.

Document flow

In the document flow of the delivery created from the stock transfer order, the resulting transfer to the stock in transit is recorded in the material document after goods issue posting.





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