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Implementation Options

Stock transfer involves the withdrawal of goods from the storage location at which they are currently stocked, and the placement into storage of these same goods at another location. Stock transfer may occur within one plant or between two different plants. Stock transfer may be necessary, for example, if the stock at the picking location has been exhausted and needs to be replenished from the inventory stock warehouse.

By making the appropriate setting in Customizing for Purchasing, you can process a stock transfer between two plants as a replenishment delivery in shipping. This is triggered by a stock transfer order in the purchasing department of the receiving plant.

Process Flow

The following steps are necessary to carry out stock transfer with a stock transfer order involving shipping processing:

  1. Creating stock transfer orders
  2. The stock transfer order serves as a planning tool for goods movement. The process of stock transfer is initiated by a stock transfer order in the plant requiring the goods (receiving plant). If the stock transfer transaction involves shipping processing, the stock transfer order initiates the creation of an appropriate delivery in the supplying plant.

  3. Creating Replenishment Deliveries
  4. In the delivery due list for the supplying plant, a replenishment delivery is created with reference to the stock transfer order. It is processed like an ordinary delivery.

  5. Goods issue in supplying plant
  6. Goods issue posting for replenishment deliveries triggers goods issue in the supplying plant as well as the respective goods posting to the stock in transit of the receiving plant. The stock in transit is valuated but is not considered unrestricted-use stock.

  7. Goods receipt in the receiving plant

When the goods arrive at the receiving plant, the goods receipt posting triggers the posting of the goods from the stock in transit to the unrestricted-use stock for this plant. At the same time the open purchase order quantity is reduced.

The following figure illustrates the stock transfer process involving shipping processing.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text





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