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With material listing and exclusion you can control for new items in a delivery which materials may be supplied to a customer. For example, if you create a listing of products for an individual customer, the customer may only order products on the list. You can also specify material exclusion for a particular customer. The customer may not order excluded materials from you.


Material listing and exclusion cannot be carried out for delivery items that have been copied from sales documents.

Dependence on Sales Document Type

Material listing and exclusion in deliveries are dependent upon the document type of the underlying sales documents. If material listing and exclusion are activated in Customizing for the respective sales document type, they will also be carried out for newly entered items in deliveries that have been created from sales documents.

For deliveries not created with reference to an order, material listing and exclusion are activated in Customizing using the sales document type DL (delivery w/o order).

Partner Functions in Material Listing

In sales documents, material listing refers to two partner functions: the sold-to party and the payer. For more information about partner functions, see the R/3 SD online guide on Basic Functions and Master Data. As the payer partner function is not defined for deliveries in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System, you can only check here for the sold-to party whether a material listing exists. For further information on the partner roles, refer to the section Structure link Customers and Business Partners.

Maintaining Master Data

You can control material listing and material exclusion by creating specific types of condition records. You determine in condition records which materials can be ordered by a certain customer and which materials are barred to this customer.

For additional information on material listing and exclusion, see the section Structure link Material Listing and Exclusion.



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