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Batch split describes the situation when you want to specify quantities from more than one batch for a particular delivery item. The batch split function in the delivery includes a batch selection screen and an availability check. In addition, batch processing is linked to the SAP Classification System, enabling you to select batches according to classes and characteristics. For more information about the Classification System, see the Structure link CA Classification System documentation.

Master data

In Materials Management (MM), you can specify basic data for each batch, such as Available from and Expiry dates, and data about the origin of the batch. For more information about creating master data for batches, see the Structure link batch handling documentation.

Splitting Batches in a Delivery

To carry out batch split in a delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. In the delivery, mark the item for which you want to split batches and choose Goto ® Item ® Batch split.
  2. You see the following overview screen for batch split items.

  3. Choose a batch by using Structure link batch determination.

The system proposes the corresponding quantity, which can be assigned to a delivery item.

  1. Select the batches that you want for the delivery item and press Copy.
  2. Either copy the quantities the system suggested or enter the appropriate quantities for each batch.
  3. The open quantity is decreased by the assigned quantity.

  4. Choose Back to return to the delivery overview screen.


For delivery items with a batch split, the picked- or putaway quantities are determined individually for each split item. If you want to maintain or check this quantity for split items, go to the batch structure view of the main item in question by selecting the '+' button.




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