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For goods issue reversal, you can only select deliveries that have not yet been billed fully or partially, or whose billing has been cancelled.


  1. From shipping, choose Post Goods Issue ® Cancellation/reversal.
  2. The Reverse goods movement screen appears.

  3. Enter your selection criteria, for example, route, goods issue date, shipping point, and so on, and choose Execute.
  4. A list of all deliveries that correspond to your selection criteria appears.


    From the list of deliveries to be reversed, you can branch directly to a list entry in the delivery by double clicking on the entry.

  5. Select the deliveries for which you wish to reverse goods issue and choose Cancel/reverse.
  6. A dialog box appears.

  7. In the dialog box, confirm that you want to reverse goods issue.


The system reverses goods issue for all selected deliveries. It also generates a log of all the reversals executed and any errors that may have occurred.





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