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Goods issue reversal means that you cancel the goods issue posting for a delivery. This function enables you to remove the posting without having to create a returns delivery and then having to post a goods receipt for it (see also Processing Returns After Goods Issue Posting). This function can be especially useful if you have accidentally posted goods issue, for example, and you would like to reverse it. Goods issue reversal usually occurs shortly after goods issue posting.


The cancellation document is integrated in the document flow of the delivery.


Goods issue reversal is only possible for movement types for which a reversal movement type is defined in Customizing. Therefore, if you have defined your own movement types for goods issue, you must also define the respective reversal movement types and assign them to the movement types for goods issue.

Range of Functions

When you reverse goods issue for a delivery, the system creates a cancellation document that adopts the quantities and the valuation from the original goods issue document, and also executes the respective value and quantity posting to stock.

Like the goods issue posting, the goods issue reversal is only possible for the entire delivery. You cannot reverse goods issue for only part of a delivery.

After the reversal, the goods movement/goods issue status of the delivery is reset to Not yet started. In this way, the delivery can be processed further as required. The system also resets the delivery requirements.

If the delivery has already been billed partially or fully, the goods issue reversal is only possible after the billing document has been cancelled.


Once you implement a Structure link decentralized Warehouse Management System, you can no longer reverse goods issue that has already been posted.





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