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Implementation Options

Processing returns after successful goods issue posting involves a cancellation of the goods issue posting process. This method allows you to reverse goods issue by creating a returns delivery and then posting goods receipt for it.

For more information about reversing goods issue, refer to the Reversal of Goods Issue section.

Process Flow

After billing the outbound delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter a returns order (order type RE) for the customer and the material involved.
  2. You can create this returns order with reference to the original sales order. In this way, the document flow assigns the original order to the returns order. The original order quantities for the individual goods are proposed automatically. You can change the proposed quantities if necessary.

  3. Create a returns delivery for the returns order. The system proposes the delivery type. The delivery quantities in the returns delivery must correspond to the goods issue quantities in the goods issue document that was posted incorrectly.
  4. Post "goods issue" for the returns delivery. The system automatically recognizes the returns delivery as goods receipt and clears the original goods issue posting by carrying out the reverse posting. To post this goods receipt, proceed as if it were actually a Goods Issue Posting.
  5. Invoice the business transaction with a returns credit memo. The system automatically proposes the billing type. The original billing document for the goods issue document that was incorrectly posted is cleared by this credit memo.





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