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The goods issue document is not a sales & distribution document. It belongs to Materials Management (MM) and to Financial Accounting (FI). You can, however, display the goods issue document during sales processing. This gives you an up-to-date idea of stock quantities and values.


If you want to access a goods issue document for a delivery from sales processing, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Environment ® Document flow on an overview screen of the relevant delivery.

The system displays all the document numbers that have been created for this business transaction. Among other things, it displays the number of the delivery's goods issue document. In addition, the system displays the processing status of the business transaction.

  1. Place the cursor on the number of the goods issue document and select Environment ® Display document.

The Materials Management document appears. The plant, storage location and batch data as well as the material movement type for the delivery item are shown on this overview screen.

  1. To display the accounting document, select Environment ® Accounting docs.

The financial accounting document appears. The data on the overview screen includes the value that is posted and the posting key with which the posting to the relevant balance sheet accounts is executed.

  1. Choose Goto ® Back until you reach the display of the document flow for the delivery.



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