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Automatic specification of the picking location depends on the following criteria:

The picking location is inserted both in the delivery item and on the picking overview screen:

You can change the storage location that the system determines as long as picking has not yet been started.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions that apply to storage of a material are stored in the material master record. You will find the specification on the tab page Plant data / Warehouse 1 for a material in the field Storage condition.

The storage condition is displayed in the delivery on the item details screen for picking. To call up this screen, select the item you want to display on the delivery overview screen. Then choose Goto ® Item ® Picking. The storage condition is in the Stor. cond. field in the Material section.

Prerequisites for determining the storage location automatically

The picking location determined by the system depends on the delivery type and item category of the delivery item:

Controls for delivery types and item categories can be set in Customizing.



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