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Implementation Options

The picking process involves taking goods from a storage location and staging the right quantity in a picking area where the goods will be prepared for shipping.

Range of Functions

Regardless of how your company executes the picking process, you can make settings in the system so that picking is carried out


A Picking Status is recorded in each delivery item for the purpose of scheduling and monitoring the picking process. This status indicates where the item is in the picking procedure (picking has started for item A, for instance).

In the system standard settings, it is a prerequisite for goods issue to be posted before the item relevant for picking can be picked completely. Therefore, delivery quantity and picking quantity (picked quantity) in the outbound delivery must be equal.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) module is fully integrated in Logistics Execution (LE). For example, you can create a WM transfer order directly from the outbound delivery. The current status of the warehouse management process can also be monitored from the delivery, for instance.

You can transfer all data relevant for picking and verification of picking data to a subsystem by using the Delivery Interface.

By using message control, data can be transferred to a subsystem that is being used for picking (see also: Delivery Interface).

Depending on the picking procedure being used, you can either determine delivery-relevant data before picking or wait until after picking is completed to record it. Delivery-relevant data may be made up of the following:





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