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You can combine outbound deliveries into groups. An outbound delivery can belong to several groups. You can create grouped outbound deliveries manually. When you process a delivery due list, the system combines all the outbound deliveries that it creates into one group.

Group number

All grouped deliveries are identified by a group number. You can use this number to access the group and to find the individual outbound deliveries that belong to that group.

Maintaining the group

To create, change, or display a group of deliveries manually, start at shipping in the initial menu.

You then select Group of outb. deliveries to branch to the screen where you maintain a group. Since groups can be formed in various areas of sales and distribution processing, different group types are defined. For general maintenance, the group type is entered manually on a separate screen, and for maintenance of a specific group you can choose the appropriate group type using the menu.


Creating a group

To create a grouped delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound delivery ® Group of outb. deliveries ® Create.
  2. The Create Group screen appears.

  3. Enter the group type.
  4. Choose Enter .
  5. The Create Group: Documents by Group screen appears.

  6. Enter the document numbers of those deliveries that you wish to group together, and maintain the header data.
  7. Save your group.

Change/display group

To change or display, select the following menu options from shipping:





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