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You can create a single outbound delivery for exactly one order, if you know the order number. Only the order items from this order that are due for shipment will be included in the delivery. You can make changes to the shipping data, if necessary.


To create an individual outbound delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Create ® Single Document ® With Reference to Sales Order.

The initial screen for creating outbound deliveries appears.

  1. Enter the appropriate shipping point.
  2. Specify the selection date.

You can only deliver schedule lines whose material availability date or transportation scheduling date is the same as or falls before the selection date.

The current date is proposed by the system as the selection date.

  1. If you only want to deliver some of the order items, specify the appropriate item numbers in the From item and To item fields.
  1. Select Enter.

The outbound delivery is put together according to your specifications. Then, the outbound delivery overview screen appears. Data is copied into the outbound delivery from the order to which it refers. The system enters the delivery quantity in the delivery according to availability. On the header screens and item screens, you can enter additional specifications (for example, how the goods are to be transported). You can also change the specifications from the order.

A note is entered in the error log if inconsistencies occur in a schedule line.

  1. Save the delivery by choosing Delivery ® Save.

When the system has saved the document, it informs you of the number of the outbound delivery.

After creating a delivery, you can branch directly to one of the subsequent functions such as creating a transfer order in the Warehouse Management System, printing or allocating the outbound delivery to a group. To do so, select Subsequent functions and one of the functions listed.

Error logs

If errors occur while a delivery is being created, the system notes them in a log. The system issues a message if any errors have occurred. For example, an entry is made in the log if an item is rejected because of lack of availability.

To find out the cause of the error, you can branch to the log from any of the overview screens in the delivery by choosing Edit ® Error log. From there, you can make changes directly to the shipping document.

Direct Interface to Order Processing

You can branch directly from sales order processing to delivery creation:

  1. On the sales screen, choose Sales document ® Deliver.

The initial screen for creating deliveries appears.

  1. You can now follow the procedure described above for creating outbound deliveries.



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