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Implementation Options

You can group together entire orders, order items of different orders or partial deliveries of individual order items in one delivery but only if this has been agreed with the customer.


Order combination can only be carried out if the orders concerned have the appropriate indicator in the order header.

The orders or the order items and schedule lines must have identical shipping criteria. This includes the following data:

If you try to combine items that have different goods issue dates, you receive a warning message. You can ignore this warning message. The earliest goods issue date of all the items is selected automatically as goods issue date of the entire delivery.

Entering the Indicator

You can enter the indicator that makes order combination possible in two places:

You can specify that all orders for one particular customer can be combined by entering an X in the Order combination field on the Shipping screen of the customer master record. The indicator is copied from the customer master record into the order header.

Process Flow

During delivery creation, you must distinguish between the following two situations:

You can manually add additional orders or order items to this delivery if the customer allows combination and order items fulfill the criteria for order combination.

The system automatically combines the order items in one delivery if the customer allows this and if the order items fulfill the criteria for order combination.

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