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The entire order, the order items, and the schedule lines for an item must fulfill certain prerequisites before a delivery can be created.

Header level

At header level, the following prerequisites are among those that must be fulfilled:

A delivery block can be set automatically, if, for example, your customer has exceeded his or her credit limit. You can also enter a delivery block manually in the sales document.


A delivery block on the header level only works when it has been assigned to the appropriate delivery type in Customzing.

The sales document must contain at least one item due for delivery before a delivery can be created for this document.

Item Level and Schedule Line Level

At item and schedule line level, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

A schedule line becomes due for shipping as soon as the material availability date or the transportation scheduling date is reached.

You can set a delivery block for a schedule line manually in the sales document. You do this, for example, if a free of charge delivery has to be checked before the schedule line can be delivered.


Contrary to the delivery block on the header level, the delivery block on the schedule line level always works even if you have not made any assignments in Customizing.

If they are incomplete, you must first edit the incompleteness log in the order. For more information on the incompletion log, refer to the section Structure link Working with the Incompletion Log

New products, for example, have not yet been released for delivery. They cannot be included in the delivery because of their product status.



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