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Implementation Options

As soon as the material availability date or the transportation scheduling date for a schedule line is reached, the schedule line becomes due for shipping. When you create an outbound delivery, you initiate shipping activities such as picking and transportation scheduling.

A delivery is processed through one shipping point. Which shipping point carries out the processing for a delivery can be determined automatically during order processing or you can specify it manually in the order.


Certain prerequisites must be met before an order can be delivered.

Process Flow

The system carries out the following activities when an outbound delivery is created:

You can make changes in a delivery after it is created if the delivery situation changes in any way. In addition, you can confirm picked quantities using the change function, or use the display function to access shipping information in a delivery.

Order items or schedule lines that have identical shipping criteria are combined in one delivery. If data varies between items, for example, if a different ship-to party is defined for each item, two deliveries must be created for the order. Order items from different orders can be grouped together in one delivery provided that they have identical shipping criteria and that the sold-to party agrees.

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