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Implementation Options

In its role as central object of the goods issue process, the outbound delivery supports all shipping activities including picking, packing, transportation and goods issue. During the outbound delivery process, shipping-planning information is recorded, status of shipping activities is monitored and data accumulated during shipping processing is documented. When the outbound delivery is created, the shipping activities, such as picking or delivery scheduling, are initiated, and data that is generated during shipping processing is included in the delivery.

Range of Functions

An outbound delivery can be created as follows:

Depending on your requirements, you can create outbound deliveries automatically using worklists, or manually. You can make agreements with your customers for complete and partial deliveries and for order combinations. Outbound deliveries can be combined to form a single group of deliveries.

Overviews allow you to monitor created outbound deliveries and outstanding sales activities.

Outbound deliveries can only be created under certain conditions.





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