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Item categories are defined so that you have more control over individual materials in the deliveries. The item category is copied from an order item. A standard item in a standard order then becomes a standard item in the delivery. If a delivery is entered without reference to an order, the system proposes the item category depending on the delivery type and the item category group of the material.

In the standard version of the SAP R/3 System, item categories include:

Standard Item Categories


Item category

Standard item in a delivery without reference to an order


Consignment fill-up


Free of charge item (part of a delivery that is free of charge)


Service free of charge (part of a delivery that is free of charge)


Make-to-order production (from standard order)


Standard item (from standard order)


Free of charge item (from standard order)


Text item (from standard order)


Control Elements

The item categories can also be adapted using control elements to meet the special requirements of your installation. In addition, new item categories can be defined in Customizing if the categories defined in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System do not sufficiently fulfill your shipping requirements.

You can distinguish between item categories using the following criteria:





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