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You can use SAP status management in sales order processing. Status management allows you to document the current processing status of an object, such as a sales order or sales order item. The current processing status can consist of a combination of individual statuses. Each individual status fulfills two functions:

The are two kinds of status:

System statuses are determined automatically by the transactions you carry out. You cannot change a system status manually.

User statuses, on the other hand, can be activated and deactivated by the user. Individual user statuses can be grouped together into status profiles. The status profiles can then be assigned in Customizing for Sales to:

One status profile can be assigned to multiple sales document types and item categories.


To maintain a status profile in Customizing for Sales, go to the IMG and choose Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Sales Documents ® Define and assign status profile.

See also:

For a complete description of status management functions, see the documentation in Controlling.

For information about setting statuses for make-to-order items, see Setting the Object Status.

You can carry out the following status management-related functions in Sales & Distribution:

Activating/Deactivating a User Status in a Sales Document

Selecting Sales Documents by Object Status



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