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The sales document now contains an Additional data A and an Additional data B screen at both header and item level.

There are five fields in the Additional data A tab page (Customer group 1 - 5 field in the header and Material group 1 - 5 field in the item). These fields do not affect the functions in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System and can be used freely for entering data or for making modifications. You can enter defaults for the additional data from the customer master record (document header data) and the material master record (document item data). The additional data is copied from inquiries and quotations into sales orders and from there, it is copied into deliveries and billing documents.

You can design the Additional data B tab page to suit your needs.

Proposal from the Master Records

To maintain additional data in the customer master data, choose a sales area screen such as Sales or Shipping and there, choose Environment ® Additional data. This takes you to the Additional Customer Data (Sales and Distribution) dialog box where you can maintain the data. You can maintain different additional data for the different sales areas assigned to the customer. The system then proposes the data for the relevant sales area.


These fields are not active in the material master record in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System. However, you can activate these fields for modification purposes. Entries made in these fields are then proposed in the sales documents.

Entering Additional Data

To enter additional data in a sales document, proceed as follows:



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