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All the changes made to a sales document are displayed in a list, including:

In addition, you can access the statistics as well as the technical information on what fields and tables are affected by the changes.

To display the changes made to a document, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose one of the following alternatives:

- In the initial screen for either the display or change mode of the sales document, choose Environment ® Changes from the overview, header or item screens.

- On the initial screen for displaying or changing a sales document, enter the required document number and choose Environment ® Changes.

  1. Enter your selection criteria and then choose Program ® Execute.
    You receive a log listing the changes that have been implemented.

You can call up several functions from the list to see more information relevant to the changes:

- Detailed information

Place the cursor on a line and choose Choose item if you require further information on this change.

- All document changes

Choose List ® All changes if you want to see all changes made to a document.

- Extra information about the changes

Choose List ® Additional info ® Show if you want to access additional information on changes and List ® Additional info ® Hide if you do not want this additional information to be displayed.


You also control the display of additional information on the Display Document Changes Selection screen.

- Change statistics

Choose Goto ® Statistics if you want to see statistics on the changes made to the document.

- Technical Information

Place the cursor on a line and choose Goto ® Technical info to obtain information on fields and tables which are affected by the change selected.



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