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A dunning key or block can be entered at header or item level in a sales document.

The dunning key controls dunning during sales processing. It determines the maximum number of dunning levels and can, for example, specify that a line item can only be dunned once even if the dunning procedure defined allows multi-level dunning.

The dunning block allows you to block line items for dunning if, for example, you want to suspend dunning because a customer has disputed the dunning procedure.

Dunning key and dunning blocks are copied from preceding documents into sales orders and, during billing, they are forwarded to financial accounting where dunning is controlled.

Entering Dunning Keys and Dunning Block

You can enter dunning keys and blocks at both header and item level in the sales document.

To do this in the document header, choose Goto ® Header ® Financial accounting in the overview screen of the sales document.

If you have entered dunning keys or blocks at header level, these values are automatically copied as default values into the document items.

To enter a dunning key or a dunning block in a document item, select the appropriate item on the Item Overview tab page and then choose Goto ® Item ® Billing.




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