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If you try to save the sales document but your data is incomplete, the system automatically displays a dialog box informing you that your data is incomplete.

To complete the document, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Edit and Enter.
  2. The screen containing the incompletion list appears. The system displays the data still required to make the document complete.

  3. Select the lines that you want to edit and choose Complete data.
  4. Enter the missing data and choose Edit next data.
  5. This takes you to one of the following screens:

    If you select additional data from the incompletion log, you reach the next screen that has missing data.

    If you do not select additional data in the incompletion log, you reach the item entry screen. You have finished processing incomplete data.

  6. As soon as you have entered all missing data, choose Save.

You can now be sure that you have edited all the data that is required to continue processing the business transactions.


If the incompletion log contains missing data, you can also call it up manually by selecting Edit ® Incompletion log from any of the overview screens in the sales document.



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