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The incompletion log reminds you when data important for further processing is missing from the sales document. When you enter a sales document, the system usually proposes much of the necessary data from customer and material master records, and you can also enter additional data or change proposed data manually. The sales document then forms the basis for various subsequent functions, such as delivery processing and billing. However, subsequent functions can often only be carried out if the data in the original sales document is complete. To guarantee completeness, the system logs all missing data in an incompletion log. The data needed to process subsequent functions is defined by your system administrator for each sales document type. For example, when entering a quotation, you must enter a validity period. If you do not enter the validity period, this field is entered into the incompletion log and further processing may be blocked.

The completeness of data in a sales document determines its status. You can display an overview of status information in a sales document for both header and items.

Calling Up the Incompletion Log

Displaying Incompletion Status

Saving a Document with Incomplete Data

Whether you can save a document with incomplete data depends on the sales document type. For example, the system might allow you to save an incomplete quotation, whereas it might allow you to save an order only if the data is complete. Even if you can save an incomplete document, the missing data or texts may affect further processing of the sales document. The following functions may be blocked:

If, for example, the payment terms are missing, you can still deliver the sales order but you cannot invoice it. The incompletion log may also indicate that the purchase order number is missing, but this may not necessarily affect further processing of the document. The following graphic shows how you process incomplete data.


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