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With the fast change function, you can carry out certain changes for several or all items at the same time. Using this function, you can change the following data:

To make a fast change:

  1. Select the items that you want to change on one of the overview screens for the sales document to be changed.
  2. Choose Edit ® Fast change of... and the relevant process (for example, Reason for rejection).
  3. Enter the new value for the data you want to change.
  4. Choose Copy.
  5. The system copies the data which you change into all the selected items.
  6. Save your document.

You can also set the delivery and billing block in the sales document header by going to the header screen and choosing the Billing or Shipping tab pages for the billing or delivery blocks respectively. When you set a block in the header, the block then applies to the entire document.



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