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When you copy a sales document, the system updates the reference status in the copied item. An item can have the following status:

The item has not yet been copied.

The item has already been copied but the entire item quantity was not copied.

The item has already been copied. Depending on the completion rule for the item, there are two possibilities here:

The entire item quantity has been copied.

- The entire item quantity has not been copied. However, because of the completion rule, the item cannot be referenced further.


You can define the completion rule in Customizing for Sales and Distribution when you define item categories.

Reference Status at Header Level

The status for all the items in a document is combined in the header with the following indicators:

Completing an Item

The system determines an overall reference status from the reference status of the item and the reason for rejection. An item which has been released receives the status "complete" and can no longer be copied.

Displaying Reference Status

You can check a reference document to see whether the items and the entire document have been fully referenced by choosing Goto ® Header ® Status in the overview screen. You can see this information for items by choosing Goto ® Item ® Status on the overview screen.



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