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For documents that you need to copy, you can define whether a document must be fully referenced during a business transaction and how the system should then respond.

You can specify, for example, that a quotation can only be copied in its entirety into a sales order. If the requirements and quantities in the quotation of the customer do not change, the quotation from your company is legally binding. The conditions of the quotation then apply to the resulting sales order.

System Reaction to Full Reference

In the standard system, if full reference is specified for copying a reference document, you cannot change or delete an item when you copy from the selection list. If you subsequently try to change the document quantity or try to delete an item in the new document, you receive a system message.

Completion rules

Your system administrator can define completion for referenced items by item category in Customizing for Sales and Distribution. An item may be considered fully referenced if one of the following criteria have been met:

The standard version of the system defines an inquiry item as complete even if only one part of the inquiry quantity has been copied into a quotation. On the other hand, when you copy a quotation into a sales order, the quotation is not complete until the quotation quantity has been fully referenced. This is illustrated in the following graphic:


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Contracts, like quotations, are only considered complete once the full target quantity of the contract has been released.





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