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  1. In the Sales menu choose Contract ® Create.


Alternatively, you can choose Logistics ® Customer Service ® Service Agreements ® Contracts ® Contract ® Create.

  1. Enter the contract type (WV for a maintenance contract, MV for a rental contract) and, if necessary, the organizational data.

The values for sales organization, distribution channel, and division (sales area) may be proposed from the user parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.


You can choose to wait until you have entered the sold-to party on the subsequent screen to enter the organizational data. In this case, the system offers you all the sales areas defined for the sold-to party for selection.

  1. Choose Enter.
  1. Enter the following data as required:
  1. Choose Enter.

If you entered a standard product, the system automatically branches to the configuration editor. Enter the values for the characteristics defined in the standard product.

If you entered a configured product with pre-defined values, the system automatically copies the values into the contract.

  1. To enter data in the contract header, choose Goto ® Header ® Contract data.

Enter the relevant run-time and cancellation data and return to the overview screen.

  1. If you wish to enter price agreement data in the contract, see Structure link Pricing in Service Contracts.
  1. The system checks the item category of the items to determine for which items it needs to create a billing plan. To display the billing plan for an item, select the item and choose Goto ® Item ® Billing plan.
  1. Return to the overview screen and save your document.



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