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Before you can enter a batch number in a sales document, a delivering plant must be entered for the item. If no delivering plant is entered, the Batch field remains inactive.

You can find the Batch field on the Item overview tab page in the table with the items.

If you do not know the batch number, you can display all the available batches in the delivering plant for your material, by using the input help.

An availability check is carried out for the batch which you have entered, and the quantity available is confirmed.

Copying Batch Numbers to the Delivery

When copying a sales order with batch numbers to a delivery, all batch data is automatically copied. The batch numbers which are copied to the delivery cannot be changed again here. However, a validity check is again carried out for the batch in the delivery. If, when creating a delivery, the system discovers that the copied batch is not valid, a warning is issued by the system. In this case, the batch specification must be changed in the sales document source. You can find more information on batch handling in the delivery in Structure link Working with Batches in Deliveries.


If no batch number is proposed in the sales order for an item with material to be handled in batches, automatic batch determination can be carried out in the delivery.




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