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For materials managed in batches, you can enter individual batch numbers in the following documents:

If you enter a batch number directly into the sales document, the system checks whether its availability and expiration dates are valid. When you copy a pre-sales document to a sales order, any existing batch numbers are also automatically copied but cannot be changed in the sales order. If you create a sales order with materials to be managed in batches that does not have a preceding document, you can change the batch numbers until subsequent documents, such as the delivery, have also been created.

Maintaining Master Data for Batches

If a material is managed in batches, you indicate this fact in the material master record in either the Purchasing or Plant data/storage 1 views. You can also create and maintain master data for individual batches, specifying such information as the expiration date, valuation type, and the country of origin. If you are planning to use batch split at delivery time, you must also maintain the relevant customer master records for those customers who permit batches to be split.

Checking Availability for Materials Managed in Batches

The availability of materials managed in batches is checked in two stages. The quantity which can be confirmed is the minimum quantity determined by the two separate checks.



System checks...


Batch level

against batch stock involving all inward and outward movements of goods relevant for batch material.


Plant level

against plant stock involving all inward and outward movements of goods relevant for batch material.

Example of Availability Check

Material 3756 is managed in batches. Batch A has a plant stock of 100 pieces. The following two sales orders are processed:

Sales orders















After sales order 1 has been posted, the availability check for sales order 2 would be as follows:

In other words, batch A is still considered available, since no batch was specified in sales order 1. After sales order 2 has been posted, the availability check for the next sales order would be:

Since batch A was specified in sales order 2, the system automatically reserves 55 pieces of this batch. At plant level, all stock is exhausted.

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For more information on batches, see LO Batch Management.



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