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You can use report SDMFSTRP to create a list of all sales orders with third-party order items for which there are discrepancies between the quantities ordered, invoiced, canceled, or credited in Sales and the quantities ordered, invoiced or credited in Purchasing.


You have materials that were processed in third-party orders.


You can restrict the selection to certain orders and a specific time period.

If you select List all open quantities, the system also displays all third-party transactions with open quantities in Purchasing or Sales.


Note that the quantity in the purchasing or sales documents is displayed in the unit of measure used in that document. The totals are always specified in the base unit of measure.


A third-party order for 10 pieces of a material gives rise to a purchase order of 10 pieces. Three pieces were delivered in the first delivery and this has been billed to the customer. The vendor sends a credit memo for three pieces so that the open quantity is 10 in the purchasing document and 7 in the sales document.
The report lists all the documents that belong to this transaction and specifies the quantities that are contained in the documents.



To run this report, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Tools ® ABAP/4 Workbench on the initial screen.
  2. Choose Development ® ABAP/4 Editor.
  3. Enter the report name SDMFSTRP in the program field and choose Execute.
  4. You reach the selection screen.
  5. Enter the interval of sales orders and the time period which you want to monitor.
  6. Choose Program ® Execute.

You receive a list of all third party orders for which quantity discrepancies exist between Purchasing and Sales.



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