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If you create a sales order for which the determined delivery date differs from the requested delivery date, the Purchase Order Scheduling dialog box appears. In this window the determined delivery date is displayed as the proposed delivery date.

If the customer accepts this delivery date, select the Fix qty/date field to fix the date and the confirmed quantity. The provision date determined by the scheduling of the confirmed quantity is copied into the corresponding purchase requisition as the delivery date. If the customer requests that you deliver the goods earlier than the system can confirm, leave the field empty. In this case the provision date for the requested delivery date is copied into the purchase requisition. This is based on the assumption that it is still possible to deliver on the requested delivery date by shortening the procurement lead time, for example.

During the automatic scheduling of individual purchase order items, the lead times determined by Purchasing, such as the delivery processing time and the purchasing processing time, are also taken into account.




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