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When you save a sales order that contains one or more individual purchase order items, the system automatically creates a purchase requisition in Purchasing. For each individual purchase order item, a corresponding purchase requisition item is created. During the creation of the purchase requisition the system automatically determines a vendor for each purchase requisition item. If the individual purchase order item contains more than one schedule line, the system creates a purchase requisition item for each order quantity.

Creating the Purchase Order

Purchase orders are created from purchase requisitions in the usual way. For more information about the creation of purchase orders, see the MM Purchasing Guide. In a sales order, you can enter purchase order texts for each third-party item. When you create the corresponding purchase order, the texts are automatically copied into the purchase order. The number of the purchase order appears in the document flow information of the sales order.

Changing the Purchase Order

If the vendor confirms dates and quantities that differ from those in the purchase order and they are then entered in the purchase order, the changed data is automatically copied into the sales order.


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