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During sales order processing, the system automatically determines individual purchase order items. However, you can also change standard items to individual purchase order items during sales processing manually.

Creating Automatically

If you procure a material exclusively by individual purchase order, you can define in the material master record that the material is always treated as an individual purchase order item during sales processing. The system will then automatically determine the appropriate item category TAB.

To identify a material as an individual purchase order item in the material master record, enter BANC in the field Item category group on the Sales: sales org. 2 screen.

Creating Manually

If you want to use an individual purchase order to purchase a material that you normally produce yourself, you can overwrite the item category in the sales order, provided that the configuration of your system permits it. The standard version of the SAP R/3 System, however, does not support this transaction.

Enter the item category group NORM in the Item category group field in the Sales: sales org. 2 screen of the material master record for materials that you normally produce yourself.

If, as an exception, you purchase a material using an individual purchase order, change the entry in the ItCa field in the sales document from TAN to TAB.

Changing the Sales Order

You cannot subsequently change the quantity or the delivery date for an individual purchase order item in the purchase requisition. You can only change them in the sales order. Changes you make in the sales order are always automatically reflected in the corresponding purchase requisition, as long as this is permitted by the release status for the purchase requisition.

Shipping and Billing

When you create a delivery, the system checks if goods are available in the sales order stock. You then create a delivery-related billing document.

Displaying the Current Stock Situation

The stocks for items in individual purchase orders are managed at order item level as sales order stock. Sales order stock is assigned to the relevant sales orders and item numbers. To display the sales order stock, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Materials management ® Inventory management on the main menu screen.
  2. Choose Environment ® Stock ® Stock overview.
  3. Enter the required selection data, select the special stock indicator E , and select all fields in the Select display levels section.
  4. Choose Program ® Execute.
  5. Position the cursor on the sales order line and then choose Edit ® Choose.



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