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Sales order stock is inventory that results from a make-to-production sales order. Products are made or assembled in response to the customerís order. The resulting stock is assigned specifically to the customerís sales order and becomes part of sales order stock. The stock components can only be used for the production of the make-to-order items ordered by the customer.Finished products can only be delivered to the customer by means of the assigned sales orders.


If sales order stock has already been assigned to a quotation, the stock of the resulting orders is also managed under the quotation number.


Sales order stock is not valuated but is instead subject to cost collection.

Special Stock Data

In order to manage sales order stock of a material for different sales orders, special stock data is required in the material master record. Special stock data for a material is managed at the storage location level. If the material must be managed in batches, special stock data must be created for each batch.

The system automatically creates special stock data during the first inward movement of sales order stock. The data cannot be maintained manually but instead is automatically updated with every goods movement (or taking of physical inventory).

Special Stock Types

The following stock types are available for use with sales order stock:

Sales order stock is not available for material requirements planning (MRP).

Movement Types

The following movement types are available for sales order stock (in each case, including cancellation and returns):

When you carry out a goods movement for sales order stock, please take the following points into account:


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