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To create a sales order for make-to-order goods where cost management is performed using the Project System, proceed as follows:

  1. In the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Sales.
  2. Choose Order ® Create.
  3. Enter the order type and, if necessary, the organizational data.
  4. The values for sales organization, for distribution channel and the division are usually proposed from user-defined parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.

  5. Choose Enter.
  6. Enter the following data:
  7. Customer number of the sold-to party

    Customer purchase order number

    Material number

    Order quantities for the material

  8. Choose Enter.
  9. If the prerequisites for Creating a Sales Order With Make-to-Order Items (Cost Management Using the Sales Order) have been met, the system automatically determines the appropriate requirements type for the material. This requirements type controls make-to-order production.

  10. To assign an item to a project, select it and choose Item ® Account Assignment.
  11. Enter the project number in the Project field on the Account Assignment screen.
  12. Note

    The document is considered incomplete until this number has been maintained.

  13. Alternatively, choose Header ® Account Assignment to reach the screen where you can enter a project number at header level.
  14. The project number is then proposed in the items if they require project account assignment


    The field in the header is only a proposal value and not a completed account assignment. If you want to manage items in a project even though they do not require project account assignment, you must maintain the account assignment manually in the corresponding item, because a project number maintained in the header is not automatically copied in the item.

  15. Save the document.

If the project number is maintained in the make-to-order items, individual requirements are created for these items, when you save the sales order. These initiate the production. The production orders which are created on the basis of the requirements are assigned to the project.


Scheduling, inventory management, shipping and billing are carried out in the same way as for the make-to-order production with cost management using a sales order. Status management is part of the Project System and can therefore not be edited in Sales and Distribution.

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