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In account assignment, all costs and revenues are allocated to the relevant account assignment objects. The data necessary for the assignment is maintained on the account assignment screen at item level.

To reach the account assignment screen, select the item and then choose Goto ® Item ® Account assignment. You reach the account assignment screen where the data relevant for account assignment and cost accounting is displayed and where you can change the profitability segment and the settlement rule manually. The relevant data includes the following:

Business Area

The business area is a legally independent organizational unit within a client, for which balance sheets for internal reporting can be created. It is determined either on the basis of sales organization/division or the delivering plant.

Profit Center

A profit center is an area of responsibility within a company for which a separate operating profit can be calculated. The profit center is proposed from the material master record, if maintained. You can change the proposed value manually.

Profitability Segment

The profitability segment consists of criteria which have been defined for the particular operating concern in the controlling area. You can enhance the profitability segment manually.

To do this, select the Details field next to the business segment number and choose Enter. The Account Assignment to Business Segment dialog box appears where you can enter further characteristics. If you choose Derivation, the characteristics are automatically proposed.

For more detailed information about profitability analysis and especially about the maintenance of the criteria values, see CO Profitability Analysis.

Settlement Rule

The settlement rule consists of the sender and the settlement distribution rule which includes the settlement receiving accounts, distribution factor, settlement type, and validity period. You can change the settlement rule manually.

There are two possibilities for settling sales orders. You can either:

In this case, the settlement rule is determined automatically. You can only use this method of settlement if CO-PA is activated.

In this case, you enter the settlement rule and the general ledger account number manually in the sales order.

To change the settlement rule, choose Edit ® Settlement rule.

For more detailed information about settlements and especially about processing settlement rules, see the CO Cost Object Controlling documentation.

Results Analysis Key

The results analysis key controls how the relationship of costs and the base (such as revenue or produced quantity) for an order's progress toward completion is valuated. By assigning a results analysis key you determine, among other things,

The results analysis key proposed by the system depends on the requirement type. You can change the key manually.

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